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Welcome To TKAB

Hello there, and welcome to TKAB

TKAB Is A PVP / Building clan, this clan will also help you increase your PvPing and Surviveing there will be loads of good skilled players so if you need any questions or your having problems on how to get one please contact one of the TKAB Staffs.

When PvPing You Must

You must be helpfull and do not team with any other person that is not in TKAB only if Staff says.
If your really haveing trouble with PvP we have our own PvP are were you can train as much as you like we also have our own money area which will help you get money if your low.

When Building You Must

You must be helpfull to each other and give ideas on how they can inprove at this rate you would learn so many building skills that you would never need help again but as you know there're always new ways of buildings

Wanna keep us informed of the new building types Make a new Thread and post Pictures or Videos of it and we will check it out!

Event Coming Up On 10th Of December
23rd Nov 2013 · [Owner] Luiz6470 · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

TKAB is hosting a Event happening this December.

This event is all about kills the 1st person the send me either a photo or a video or either tell me their League of Legends name and ill check their profile.

The winner will recive a ramdom amount of RIP points.

If you want to send me it privately make sure to use the following.

Skype: Eduardocrazy101

Make Sure To Stay Turned On The Events ... of-legends-event-ed4

Apply There ^^

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